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About Thanks A Million 

Why We Give Back...

Thanks A Million is an annual campaign that supports programs and services for older adults. We honor those who inspired us while raising funds to deliver these services to seniors.  



We are facing the largest population of seniors in history!  Many older adults seeking services are put on waiting lists due to lack of funding. The COVID-19 pandemic created greater awareness of available programs, prompted more urgent needs and tremendously increased the volume of calls for services from those in need of help. 

Thanks Mom & Dad Fund® is a nonprofit founded in 2003 to fill gaps and help older adults receive services they need. Since its founding, Thanks Mom & Dad Fund has distributed more than $1.7 million in funds to organizations serving seniors. From basic needs such as food and housing, or masks and gloves, to new programs that improve the lives of people living with social isolation. Thanks Mom & Dad Fund provides critical resources to help.


Be part of the solution and donate today! 

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