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Fundriaser Central

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! 

On behalf of the board of trustees and the older adults who will benefit from your generosity we want to say Thank You! 

Below you will find resources to help you reach out to your friends and colleagues to raise funds for older adults. 

Be sure the check out GiveLively's resource page for a successful fundraiser!

Share with Friends

Peer-based fundraising can have a huge impact for Thanks Mom & Dad Fund by connecting us to new supporters and donors who believe, as you do, in showing solidarity with older adults who need it most. 

Please use these resources to help you reach out to your networks. Below are some easy steps to get started! 

  1. Set your Goal: We suggest $500. You can set the goal you are most comfortable with. Don't worry, if you exceed your goal, you can increase it and raise more funds! 

  2. Tell your story: Are you raising money in honor of a loved one? Perhaps you have a mentor or someone else who has inspired you. Share why you want to say "Thanks A Million". Perhaps you are concerned about the number of older adults on waiting lists for critical services. Share with your networks why you want to help older adults. 

  3. Share with your networks: Use social media, emails, texting, and of course, phone calls to ask your friends and colleagues to help. 

  4. Thank donors: A quick thank you to all of the donors to your campaign will go a long way. Thanks Mom & Dad Fund will take care of all the tax documentation for donors, but you can thank supporters as well. 

  5. Have fun! 

Don't forget to tag Thanks Mom & Dad Fund on social media 
Facebook: @ThanksMomAndDadFund
Instagram: @ThanksMomDad
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Sample Posts

Join me in honoring {NAME} with a donation to help older adults. Your donation goes to Thanks Mom & Dad Fund to help seniors with meals, transportation, and other critical services. {insert link to your campaign}

I am partnering with Thanks Mom & Dad Fund to raise $XX for older adults. Please help by donating today: {insert link to your campaign}

Sample Email

Subject: Let's Help Older Adults 


Hey {NAME}! I hope this finds you well! I've got great news! I have signed on to help Thanks Mom & Dad Fund raise money for programs to help seniors. I could really use your help! 

I am committed to helping Thanks Mom & Dad Fund raise $GOAL which will go to help seniors get things like home-delivered meals, transportation, and other critical services. 

Every donation makes a difference. Large or small I could use your help please visit my fundraising page to donate today {insert link to your campaign}. 

No worries if you can't donate today. Please feel free to share this message with your friends and family to get the word out!. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Ideas for Sharing

You can use the images to the right to share on social media with your networks or use your favorite image of an older adult you love! 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all good social networks, but don't forget about Nextdoor or other local networks you use. 

Texting is a great way to encourage supporters! Just text Thanks20 to 44-321 to easily and quickly make a donation. 

Check out our Fundraisers Toolkit for more ideas and tips. 

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